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December 11, 2018

City Budget shows that Council doesn’t understand business

St. John’s, NL – The St. John’s Board of Trade is deeply disappointed in the lack of foresight shown by City Council with the introduction of Budget 2019. The City of St. John’s had an opportunity to create a fair tax regime for business and citizens and instead chose to put new expenditures on the backs of businesses.

We are concerned that even with an extensive consultation process on behalf of the City, the grave concerns raised by the business community have been ignored. This budget shows that Council has no desire to make St. John’s a competitive place to do business and therefore, we will be relentless in keeping the City accountable moving forward. This Council passed the budget unanimously without any debate and in doing so, will receive $4.1 million in new commercial tax revenue from business to cover the cost of inefficiencies and new spending.

The cost of doing business in our city has increased, that is a fact. We do not believe that businesses should be paying more for the City of St. John’s inefficiencies and inability to properly manage their finances. We encourage businesses to contact us directly at 689-0893 or contact the Mayor and City Councillors listed below.

St. John’s Council
Mayor Danny Breen
Phone: 709-576-8477
E-mail: dbreen@stjohns.ca

Deputy Mayor Sheilagh O’Leary
Phone: 709-576-8363
E-mail: soleary@stjohns.ca

Councillor Ward 1 Deanne Stapleton
Phone: 709-576-2332
E-mail: dstapleton@stjohns.ca

Councillor Ward 2 Hope Jamieson
Phone: 709-576-7144
E-mail: hjamieson@stjohns.ca

Councillor Ward 3 Jamie Korab
Phone: 709-576-8643
E-mail: jkorab@stjohns.ca

Councillor Ward 4 Ian Froude
Phone: 709-576-8217
E-mail: ifroude@stjohns.ca

Councillor Ward 5 Wally Collins
Phone: 709-576-8584
E-mail: wcollins@stjohns.ca

Councillor at Large Maggie Burton
Phone: 709-576-8286
E-mail: mburton@stjohns.ca

Councillor At Large Dave Lane
Phone: 709-576-8243
E-mail: dlane@stjohns.ca

Councillor At Large Sandy Hickman
Phone: 709-576-8045
E-mail: shickman@stjohns.ca

Councillor at Large Debbie Hanlon
Phone: 709-576-8219
E-mail: dhanlon@stjohns.ca

Nancy Healey, CEO
(709) 689-0893
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