Board’s position and submissions:

Vision: That NL will increase the # of P3s when it is proven to create efficiencies and provide cost savings to the taxpayer.

Mandate 2015-2017: To create awareness and educate the private and public sectors on partnerships; and to advocate for greater capacity within governments and increased partnerships on projects at the municipal and provincial levels with a focus in infrastructure over the next three years.

Pre-Budget Submission 2015


CUPE ignoring P3 success stories (August 2015)
Ontario shifting home care to private clinics as province seeks savings
Province should consider P3s for infrastructure needs – Chair’s column, March 28, 2015
Everyone benefits from P3s – Telegram Opinion Article, April 13, 2015

Success Stories


Couldn’t attend the presentation by Tim Murphy on P3s in April? Take it in now!

Skanska presents PPP – Public Private Partnerships


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Partnerships 101 (2)