10 Ways to Build

In a year of political and economic uncertainty, the St. John’s Board of Trade in partnership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, has identified 10 Ways to Build a Canada That Wins.

This is a list of key opportunities that Canada can seize right now in order to regain competitiveness, improve productivity and grow our economy.


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  1. Promote Innovation and Harness the Power of Data
  2. Fight Global Protectionism
  3. Upgrade Canada’s Regulatory System to Get Natural Resources and Other Exports to World Markets
  4. Work with Business to Combat Climate Change and Maintain Canada’s Competitiveness
  5. Build Canada’s Brand
  6. Grow Small Business to Take on the World
  7. Build Digital Skills to Compete in the New Talent Economy
  8. Assure Better Access to Capital for Indigenous Entrepreneurs
  9. Dismantle Internal Barriers that Cost Consumers and Discourage Investors
  10. Encourage Investment by Cutting the Cost of Doing Business in Canada