Advocating for Business at the Federal and Provincial Level

The Board welcomes Janis Byrne as the new Chair of Federal Provincial Affairs Committee for 2018.
Janis and her volunteer member committee will be advocating on your behalf for:

  1. Red tape reduction
  2. Reduced tax burden for business
  3. Increased partnerships with the private sector
  4. Increased efficiencies within government


Provincial and Federal Affairs

Canadian Pension Plan (CPP)
The St. John’s Board of Trade is concerned about the agreement that was reached in June regarding changes to the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP). These changes will harm small business and the economy.
Click to read the letter to Premier Ball.


Working For You
In mid-March the executive of the St. John’s Board of Trade met with the Province’s Economic Policy Committee to discuss business – the backbone of our economy.
The private sector will step up and step in during these tough economic times if economic conditions are right.

These conditions include:
  1. a competitive tax regime;
  2. aligned government processes that understand that time is money and that windows of opportunity can open and close for business within weeks, if not days;
  3. growing a talented working population; and
  4. partnering with the private sector where and when it makes since.

The St. John’s Board of Trade does not support tax increases. We support a competitive tax regime that compliments an effective and efficiently run government.


Growing a Talented Population

The Board has been calling on government to release a multi-pronged approach to grow a talented population in Newfoundland and Labrador. The approach should focus on keeping youth in the province, provincial migration and international immigration. Read the Board’s full submission.

To read about the provinces population growth strategy click here.


As we face the reality of shrinking budgets, governments have to consider new and innovative ways to deliver programs and services. Partnering with the private and community sector is one possible solution to deliver services to citizens. Done right, partnering can be a win-win for all involved. Citizens, as taxpayers, get the services they expect in an efficient way, at less cost.

Partnerships can also foster a strong private sector, which we know is vital for a strong economy.

To learn more regarding our partnerships work click here.


The Board participated in the Newfoundland and Labrador’s Teachers Association (NLTA’s) consultation on public education in our province. Read the Board’s full submission.


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