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Our Success = Your Gain

We, along with our network of over 900 members are focused on breaking down the barriers to competitiveness to ensure St. John’s businesses can prosper, compete and succeed. Our efforts are paying off. Here are some of our most recent advocacy successes:

Why the levy has to go
The St. John’s Board of Trade welcomes the changes to the Temporary Deficit Reduction Levy announced today by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.
“It is a good start,” says Des Whelan, Chair of the St. John’s Board of Trade who early this month called on the Province to eliminate the levy.
“The levy can deter investors and newcomers to our province; two things we desperately need right now,” says Whelan. “We welcome today’s progressive changes to the levy, this is good news for residents and businesses,” states Chair Des Whelan. “Increasing the threshold to $50,000 means consumers will have more money in their pockets to spend in our local economy.”
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Vacancy Allowance
The Board is pleased to have played a lead role in the reinstatement of the vacancy allowance.

“The continuation of the vacancy allowance helps create a good climate for business to invest,” said Des Whelan, Chair of the St. John’s Board of Trade. “When the City and the business community work together we can accomplish great things for the residents of St. John’s.”
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Tax Relief
The Boards’ advocacy efforts calling for the City to provide immediate tax relief to the business community and residents continue. However, the Board is encouraged with the City’s plans to lower the mil rate in 2017 as part of the 2017 Operating Budget Guidelines.
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Public Private Partnerships
High FiveWe are pleased to see the Provincial Government partnering with the private and not-for-profit sectors in the long term health care. The Board has been advocating for increased capacity to deliver P3’s for some time. In Canada there are more than 200 P3’s completed and ongoing private public partnerships valued at $66 million. 84 are in hospital and health care field.
Done right public private partnering can be a win- win for all involved.  Citizens as taxpayers can get the services they expect in an efficient way, at less cost.

Card Based Certification
Card BasedOur advocacy initiative calling for the reinstatement of secret ballot voting was a significant and time consuming effort involving Board staff and volunteers. We were extremely pleased to see secret ballot voting return.

Pension Reform
CoinsThe St. John’s Board of Trade has been at the forefront of the call on the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador to reduce the debt. Why? Because the debt is costly for all of us as taxpayers. We look forward to hearing the details about the trusteeship they have agreed to which will guide the plan and sustain it into the future.
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Similarly we advocated that the City take a closer look at its pensions plan. We were pleased to see the move from defined benefits to defined contributions starting January 2015 for new hires.
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London Heathrow
AirplaneAccess to and from Europe is important to our economy and we have been strong advocates for expanded air access. The St. John’s Airport Authority and our long-standing partner, Air Canada, listened and we couldn’t be happier to position St. John’s as being just one stop away from anywhere in the world.
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