Advocating for Business at the Municipal Level

The Board welcomes Andrew Wadden as the new Chair of Municipal Affairs for 2018.

Andrew and his volunteer member committee will be advocating on your behalf for:

  1. Removing barriers to doing business in St John’s
  2. Increase economic development
  3. Advocate for a collaborative relationship between the City and Business


Municipal Affairs

The board played a lead role in the reinstatement of the City’s Vacancy Allowance. The reinstatement provides stability and tax certainty to the business community. Click to read an open letter to the Mayor, Councillors and City staff for the cooperative and collaborative approach in dealing with this issue.

“This year’s budget is bad for citizens. This year’s budget is bad for business. This year’s budget bad for the City.” – Chair Des Whelan. bull horn

The Board has called on City Hall for immediate tax relief, removal of the new vacancy tax and to curtail spending.

Board presents petition to City Hall

Board releases tax relief petition

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