To get the most up-to-date and insightful information available about the local business community, the St. John’s Board of Trade employs a committee structure. When advocating for the best interests of its members, the Board can be assured that its member’s voices are heard at the committee level as each committee member brings their own experience and their own network to the table.

Policy Committees

The Federal and Provincial Affairs Committee (FPAC) is responsible for advocating to the two senior levels of government, while the Municipal Affairs Committee (MAC) advocates on behalf of the Board to the City of St. John’s. The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee advocates to all levels of government and may work with the Government Affairs Committees as necessary. The Labour Market Task Force and Labrador Committee are sub-committees of the Federal and Provincial Affairs Committee and advocate to all levels of government regarding various related initiatives.

Committees make decisions and recommendations on policy matters in the most collaborative and collective manner possible, bringing forward ideas, opportunities, and advice to the Board of Directors. Committees use all of the tools and resources of the Board of Trade in a way that results in real benefits for members of the St. John’s Board of Trade.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is comprised of Board of Trade members with varying backgrounds in the communications field. Their purpose is to create and implement a communications strategy for the organization. The overall goal is to ensure target audiences, in particular members, understand and appreciate the value of membership. This can be achieved in an environment where members receive outstanding customer service from an organization that focuses on its relationship with members.

The Committee, that works closely with the member value team, helps with the execution of the communications plan, suggests ways to enhance member communications, and evaluates these processes.

Treasurer’s Committee

The Treasurer’s Committee is the main liaison with auditors and has the overall responsibility to review the financial position of the Board. Also, they review any recommendations made by the auditors and other financial related reports relevant to the Board’s operations. The Treasurer’s team plays an important part in the development and implementation of internal control procedures; therefore, ensuring your membership fees are used wisely and in your best interest.

Ambassadors’ Committee

Ambassadors are a link to our members. The Ambassadors’ Committee is responsible for promoting the growth of the Board by promoting the benefits of Board membership, encouraging members to participate in Board activities, and by assisting, where possible, either directly or indirectly (through referral to Board staff or the Board itself), with member retention. There are three Ambassador Sub-Committees: The Retention Committee, Events Committee, and Speaker’s Committee.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for recruitment of directors and executive committee members who are willing and able to provide expertise that meet required skill-sets at the board table. Chaired by the immediate past-chair, the Committee includes all active board members.

Governance Committee

The Board’s Governance Committee ensures that its mandate and mission are being fulfilled. The Committee is chaired by the immediate past chair for the St. John’s Board of Trade. The Governance Committee ensures that our governance practices are in line with our purpose and are reflective of the evolving environment. Also, they ensure that we continue to attract and engage the high-level volunteer talent that brings strategic energy and ideas to the organization.

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